QMB139 GY6 50cc Clutch Assembly with bell +139QMB Clutch Spring GY6 50CC

GY6 125cc 150cc Clutch assembly With Bell +Performance Clutch Spring 1000 Rpm torque Gy6 125cc 150cc blue

Weight:3.266 kg

  • $31.99

* Inner Diameter (bell): 125mm * Outer Diameter (bell): 136mm * Number of Splines: 19 * Splines Inner Diameter (peak to peak): 13.6mm* Splined Innter Diameter(Valley to Valley):15mm*Pulley Outer Diameter:155mm GY6 125CC 150CC Clutch assembly with bell, clutch pulley. 1000 RPM Clutch Spring QTY of 3 per package

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