Auto Repair Paint Pen for Car Scratches-SPT

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Eight big effect

Car float scratches quick repair, remove sunlight scratches, car lights yellow grinding repair, quick removal of car paint shellac, car paint oxidation trace removal, car paint high gloss polishing, deep scratch repair polishing, remove car metal parts oxidation point

Three types of repair head

Three types of head repair to remove scratches. It works really well for a variety of scratches. No primer, just a toss. See primer, point paint after polishing, bright as before

1 minute to repair

No need to spray paint and repaint, 1 minute to repair the light and middle scratches in the car paint surface

Primary polishing head

Sand paper can be used for polishing uneven surface, can be used for repainting polishing

Mirror polishing

Wool polishing disc will highlight the paint surface

Shallow scratches: squeeze a little bit of scratch remover on the scratches, then use this product to install the sponge polishing disc polishing until the scratches become light, and finally use the wool polishing disc for polishing.

Moderate scratches: scratched with alcohol to wipe purify besmirch, use a little paint pen point or cover scratches with brush, paint after 24 hours to fully cure, use sandpaper smooth processing (novice can manually polish), and then squeeze a bit scratch remover on the scratches, and use this product with sponge pad polishing processing until scratches light, finally use the wool pads for polishing.


Type: Paint pen for car marks and scratches

Quantity: 1pc

Material: ABS, copper, aluminum

Color: As shown

Net weight: 380g


1* Paint pen for car marks and scratches

1* Scratch remover

2* Sand paper

4* Sponge polishing disc

1* Wool polishing disc

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