61MM Cylinder Engine Kit with EGR Head

Weight:2.722 kg

  • $45.99

GY6 125-150CC 61mm  Big Bore cylinder Engine kit with Cylinder, Cylinder head,piston kit, head gasket, base gaskets.

61mm Piston Kit 

  • Piston Diameter: 61mm
  • Piston Pin Diameter: 15mm
  • Piston Pin Length: 42.5mm

Cylinder Head Gasket 

  • 61mm Inside Diameter

Cylinder Gasket GY6 150cc

  • Bore: 61mm

Cylinder for GY6 150cc engine

  • Bore: 61mm 

 Cylinder Head

  • EGR Style Cylinder Head
    61mm Bore
  • Overall Height: 60mm
    Intake Port Diameter: 24mm
    Exhaust Port Diameter: 24mm
  • *Emission Control System:Pulsed Secondary Air Injection System (PAIR)
  •  Intake Valve
    Valve Diameter: 27.75mm
    Length: 66mm
    Shaft Diameter: 5mm
  •  Exhaust Valve
    Diameter of Valve: 23mm
    Total Length: 66mm
    Shaft Diameter: 5mm

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