Majority of our inventory stocked in White House,TN that can guarantee fulfilled next business day. Additional, delivered most of area in US by 2-4 days by USPS/Fedex Ground. Just like common e-commerce business, inventory control always the key to run it smoothly to satisfied customers. Sea freight always takes 30-45days on the way to reach the warehouse after departure from China. Then the idea is utilize the benefit we sit beside the direct resource of manufacture. For any of emergent case, we can procure the parts in 1-2 business then ship it via air freight(DHL/FEDEX express) takes 3-7 business day. Obviously the shipping cost should be higher than US domestic shipping. But as a backup solution, it can be a way to meet your requirement.

When any items is out of stock, we show the button of ship from China which mean if you place order on this item will ship from China directly. The order may split into 2 orders which one is ship from white house , another is from China. Each of order will been charged shipping fee independently according to actual weight. 

We encourage our dealer can reach 30kg/shipment to gain a decent per kg rates.