Our Resource

Our branch office is located in the center of Chinese GY6 engine manufacture center.  We directly link to the source of the supplier that can sourcing tough parts within 24-48hours. 

Just Fill out the following questions that helps know your requirement in details:

  • Parts Short Title(Like GY6 125CC Carburetor)
  • Description (Any content to describe the parts. More will be better)
  • Specification(If you have more details, including the dimension, diagram,etc, )
  • Pictures( At least need one photo )
  • Suitable for what kind of engine( if applicable)
  • Unit Price Expect
  • Quantity required
  • Leading days can wait for
  • email
  • Phone

Please email your request to inquiry@baysonglobal.com , most cases will get back to you in 24-48 hous.